Jackson High School Class of 1960

Memories of our 50th Reunion, Past Reunions and Photos that Capture the Moment


Jackson High School Class of 1960
Jackson, Tennesse 
Memories of our 50th Reunion, Past Reunions
and Many Fun Times


The following was presented at our 50th Reunion by 

Margaret Barfield Rucker.  She led us in silence as we remembered with sadness that some of our Classmates would not be with us for our 50th Reunion.


For the first 40 years since graduation in 1960, we lost 10 Classmates, for the next 10 years we lost 13.


We never know how long we have, so let's enjoy each other as much as possible...I'm sure that's what our deceased classmates would tell us if they could. 

Below are the Classmates that we have identified as having passed away.  If these are not correct, or we need to add names to this list, please contact Margaret Rucker at margaretbr60@yahoo.com ,  731-427-6345.  

Billy Bain (Mar. 11, 2014)


 Harley Baker


 Jimmy Barnett


 John W. Bynum (10/2/13)


 Robert Corley


Sara Couch Hodge (10/06/2013)


 Ernest Gary Daniel


 Diane Davis Carpenter (11/2012)


 Freddie Eason


 Jackie Ervin


 Roy Fleming




Janeen Googe Smith 


Joy Hassell Clark


 Jackie Holland


 Jere Lynn James


Larry James


Bill Johnston (2011)


Robert Jones


Jerry Kuykendall


Ronnie Lane


Becky Maness Haynie

Ona May Maxwell Leatherwood  8/27/2013

Marcia Morton Dame 8/8/2014

Hazel Mott

Gloria McCullar (12/2015)

George McGrath

Walter "Sonny" Morgan

Linda Morrison Butler (12/1/2015)

Ray Neudecker (03/30/2014)

George "Buzzy" Patterson

Jeryl Phillips

David Pipkin (2011)

Suzanne Polk Forbus (06/14/2011)

Patsy Raines 

Ben Harold Roe (06/21/2012

Joe Smith (12/2014)

Wm Kelly Smythe (01/14/2013)

Tony Snider 

Sam O. Spruill

Claude "Pete" Vantreese (07/13/2011)

Van Franklin Wadley

Jimmy Walls

Thomas Welker

Gerry Wheat Barnette

Deceased Classmates:  If errors: Margaret Rucker margaretbr60@yahoo.com or 427-6345
Last First
Baker Harley
Barnett Jimmy
Barnette Gerry Wheat
Clark Joy Hassell
Corley Robert
Daniel Gary
Eason Freddie
Ervin Jackie
Fleming Roy
Haynie Becky Maness
Holland Jackie
James Larry
Jones Robert
Kuykendall Jerry
Lane Ronnie
McGrath George
Morgan Sonny  (no photo)
Patterson George "Buzzy"
Phillips Jeryl
Raines Patsy
Snider Tony (no photo)
Spruill Sam
Wadley Van
Walls Jimmy
Welker Thomas